Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lake Babies…..

Well this weekend went by pretty quickly. We took Breanna to Lake Arcadia Beach on Saturday afternoon. We went with Jay sister Mindy her husband David and their 3 kids Shayla, Alyssa, and Dylon. Breanna LOVED crawling out on the beach into the water. She had a blast. I got a few pictures of Breanna and Alyssa playing in the water. Breanna decided at one point to taste the sand to see if it was any good. We cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs out on a grill that David and Mindy brought. A good time was had by all.
Breanna LOVES playing in the water "splashy, splashy" as we call it. The beach there has a barrier about 30 feet out and it the water only comes up to Breanna's chest there so she had a TON of room to run around any play.

Nothing new really going on with us. I go back to the doctor in the 28th to take the lovely gestational diabetes test. Nothing to worry about they make everyone take the test. Only one more payment and we will have our portion of the physician's delivery charges paid off YEAH!! =) Have a good week!!

Alyssa (left) and Breanna (right) at the beach

Alyssa and Breanna eating chips sitting on a stump while the daddies cook dinner

Breanna playing "spalshy, splashy"

Alyssa and Breanna playing with a stick

A tired girl after a long day at the lake

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Nichole said...

I LOVE the itty bitty little life jackets! too cute.Looks like the girls had a lot of fun splashing around in the water.