Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Our week…….

Well lets see last week as you know Breanna wasn't feeling well. It made it's way though our house in it's own way. Jay called me Friday morning and said that he wasn't feeling well and that he thought that he needed to eat something. So I met him at the the hospital that I work at to get him something to eat. He kept that down, but said he didn't feel well. He pretty much slept all day Sat. Breanna and I went over to my parents house for awhile to let the house be kind of quiet so he could rest. We came home about 2 hours later. Jay was still sleeping.
Sunday we woke up and we both felt good. So we decided to go and get some lunch. We were going to Mindy and Davids to go take the kids to the lake. Jay and David went to Walmart to get some ice and I started to feel really bad.
I called Jay and told him we needed to go home. Soon after I was sick as a dog. After about 3 1/2 hours of being sick every 15 minutes I told Jay we needed to go to the Mercy afterhours place so I could see a doctor. I didn't want to get dehydrated and end up in the hospital. We got there about 7:00 and didn't leave till about 9:30. The doctor had to call my doctor to see what they could give me to help me that wasn't harmful to little JJ.
After that shot I wasn't sick again. I did sleep almost all day Monday. I went for my doctors appointment at 11:30. Everything was fine. JJ heart rate was 144 which is normal. I am going back on Aug 28th to do my glucose test.

Let see Breanna is doing great. Talking more and more. She has started to call almost every dog she see's "Dexter". She sings a lot and talks almost all the time. Some of the words we can understand and some we can't. We working on more and more everyday. =)

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Nichole said...

I'm glad everyone is all better now. Doesn't sound like a fun week.

its cute that Breanna is calling every dog, Dexter. awe...