Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some pictures………………..

Dressed to go shopping with Mommy!!

Rading with Daddy

Coloring in our coloring book

In our PJ's ready for bed

Kissing the cat

Eating a lime

Smiling after bath time
Brushing our teeth

After bath time, in our duck robe

Breanna waving Hello!!

This weekend Jay's Grandma came in from Dallas with Jay's Uncle Randy and his cousin Pete. We went over to Jay's Grandma's hotel room on Thurs night, Friday night, Sat during the day and Sunday morning. So that is where our weekend went. We had a good time. Saturday Randy took all of his neices and nephews, and their families to Incredible Pizza, which is an pizza buffet resteraunt which is a HUGE play place. They have bowling allies, mini golf, go carts, tons of games, and an area for the lil' kids. We had a good time. We had to keep a close eye on Breanna. Some parents were not watching their kids and there were teenagers running through the lil' kids area, knocking kids down and causing havoc.
We had fun and Jay won Breanna a stuffed animal, but I don't think we will be going back anytime soon.

Lets see other than that we had a pretty uneventful weekend.

We did watch the OU game Sat before going to have pizza and fun. Adrian Peterson (A.D.) as most of you know got hurt during that game and "may come back for a bowl game apperance". Of corse that was Sat, and now the guys on the local sports radio are saying that he may be back for the OSU game in Nov.. Personally I think that he isn't going to chance anything. He will leave OU after this season and go and make his millions in the NFL. If it were my kid, or me that is what I would do.

This weekend we are going to get JJ's room ready for him. We are repo-ing Jay's game room to make it a room for JJ. We are moving all of the big screen and gaming software up into the living room. We are going to get the carpets cleaned and then get things down there ready for him. =)

Breanna and I both go to the doctor next Monday. Breanna for her 15 mon old appt, and I start my weekly docotors appointments. Which makes the reality of we are really going to have a second chold sometime very soon a HUGE reality. (as if my stomach growing and moving wasn't enough)!! Some how when those appointments go from once a month to - once every two week to - once a week you feel like time goes by faster and faster. Hope you lilked the pictures. I'll post all of our new stats on Monday!!

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Nichole said...

arg, i just posted a comment but it got lost, but much to my happiness, i copied it before i hit the button so I'll just repaste it!!

So Cute!! I always love your pictures. We thought about you guys when we heard about Adrian Peterson.

Good Luck at the doctors for both of you and have fun setting up lil JJs room!!