Monday, October 30, 2006

Haiden Gibson......
I couldn't remember if I had told you all about our babysitter Sara. She was due with her second child on Nov 23rd. She has a little boy and was expecting a little girl. Being that our due dates were only 3 days apart Sara and I would ask each other about doctors appointments and things that were going on. So on Oct. 19th when Jay picked up Breanna Sara's mom was there and told Jay that Sara had fallen down a fe
w stairs and had gone to the hospital. Come to find out later she had slipped down the stairs when the babies were coming downstairs from their nap and Breanna had decided to go down like a big girl, and had started to fall and Sara went to grab her.
Sara had little baby Haiden that night (Oct. 19th). They brought her home last Wed.
I called Sara on Sunday to check in with her and see how her and Haiden were doing. Sara was thrilled to have her little baby girl with her. Mom and baby are doing GREAT!! She is a beautiful little baby!! Congrats to Sara, Jerry, and big brother Braden!

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Nichole said...

Congrats to Sara!! baby Haiden is precious!

Nichole said...

oh and congrats to Jerry and Braden too! ;)