Friday, November 10, 2006

So it has been a LONG time since I posted anything (sorry) so here is what has been going on. Breanna was a little fairy princess for Halloween. We went and "trick or treated" at Jay's mom's house, Matty's moms house where we visited baby Payton,
Then it was on to my prents house, then we stopped by my Dad's cousin Jimmy's house to see him and his wife Janenne. We had stopped ther last year, and I am pretty sure that they hadn't seen her since. Janenne said it was hard to believe Breanna was the same little baby they saw last year, when she wasn't even crawling, and now she was running around. So lets see JJ has yet to make his debut. We are still waiting for him. Went to the doctor yesterday and she said if I wanted to have this baby antime soon to start walking a lot. comforting thoughts from the doctor considering as is at home I barely get to sit down and my ankles by the end of the day, well they aren't ankles, there is just leg then foot!! =) Last weekend was really nice. We got to go out into the backyard and play for a bit. Here are some pictures from then. More later!!
Dad, the pups, and Breanna in the backyard
Plying with our ball (notice we are still in our pajamas)

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