Sunday, November 26, 2006

So it has been a few weeks since I have written anything. The weeks have surely been eventful!!

I had a doctors appointment on Friday Nov 17th. Dr. Barki said that JJ was still sitting rather high and that she wanted me to go out and walk around as much as possible so that maybe gravity would help him move down.
After that my dad called and said that my mom was going out to eat with a few of her friends from work and would Jay, Breanna, and I like to meet him somewhere to get dinner. So we decided that we would go to Ft. Swadley and get some hamburgers and chili cheese fries. I added onions and jalapenos to my fires.
Well I don't if the onions and jalapenos had anything really to do with the events that followed, but those fries were surely good!!

So at 4am on Sat morning I had to get up and use the restroom, which isn't unusual for me these days. However this was a little different. As soon as I stood up to go to the bathroom I realized that my water had broken. I went to the restroom, came back in the bedroom and told Jay to get up. I am not sure at first he actually realized what was happening. After a few minutes we were ready to go. We bundled up Breanna and dropped her off at my parents house about 4:30am.
Then we were off to the hospital. We got all checked in and got into a room and got all of the medical questions answered. Then the OB nurse decided that it as time to check me. She did and then asked me if the doctor had checked to see that JJ was head down. I told her yes she had checked. Then the ultrasound machine came in. JJ was sitting so high that his head was around my belly button. Even though he was indeed head down.
So after many hours of being 2cm dialated they decided that it was ok to give me my epidural. It could have been all the screaming that was coming from my room every 3 to 5 minutes when the contractions hit.
So after meeting the anesthesiologist, who honestly was one of the kindest, most caring doctors I have ever met, I got my epidural. Things then moved a little faster. I went from a 2m to a 4cm in the next hour. By 5pm I was at an 8. This is where things stopped. We didn't get anymore progress between then and 8:00, and when the nurse came in to check me my temp had gone from below normal (which is normal for me) to 101.3. She said that since there hadn't been any progress and my temp had gone up that she was going to have to call my doctor and see what she wanted to do about my situation. She came back in and said that they had a c-section just go in to start, and that my doctor said that if nothing had changed by the time that one was over with that I would be next in there.
So about 8:45 they came back in to check on me and indeed nothing had changed we were still at an 8 and I still had a temp. So the decision was made that it was in the best interest of the baby and my health that we go ahead and do the c-section and bring little JJ into this world.
Back in came the anesthesiologist. He came in to talk to me about the anesthesia that they use.
The nurse brought Jay in his scrubs (which he still has), for him to get ready. The nurse got me ready and then we were off to the operating room. It was different in there. It was white and bright. They got me moved onto the operating table and then started all of the meds throught my IV. Then they let Jay come in the room, and shortly after that my doctor and another doctor to assist her came in the room. About 10 minutes later we had our little baby boy. Jay was pretty wide eyed during the whole thing. He later described the whole thing to be, but I guess it is pretty weird to watch someone cut into your wife and deliver your son.
They cleaned, weight and measured JJ, and finished up with my incision, gave JJ to me an then wheeled us out past our family, who in true tradition were waiting right outside the door. The only person I remember seeing and talking to outside those doors was my mom. They didn't really stop, they just kept us moving.
Once back in our room JJ got his first bath, nursed and the got me all settled in. They let everyone back in the room to meet JJ. Everyone got to hold him and hang out with us for a bit. Then being that it was about 11pm, pretty much everyone left. Believe it or not Breanna was there the whole time and still awake.
We stayed in the hospital until Tues about noon. Then we were on our own. Things have been pretty ok since then. I am moving pretty slow and not getting around a whole bunch. I can't drive for two weeks, I really am not suppose to do a whole lot for two weeks.
My parents have kept Breanna for the last week to allow me sometime to recover without having to chase her around. I don't know what I would have done without them here. They truly have been lifesavers.
I'll write more about Thanksgiving and post some good pictures of JJ. These are ones taken with my phone, so they aren't the greatest. We have better ones I'll get up soon!!
By the way incase you are wondering JJ was 8lbs, 0ozs, and 21 inches long. =)

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Nichole said...

And Breanna too!!

I'm so happy for you guys. Im sorry I am just getting around to this now, Life has been "hectic" Ill be a better friend now though!!

I can't wait to see thanksgiving pictures. JJ is soooo cute and snuggly looking. I hope you are recuperating quickly...