Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Doctors Appt Update……..Hair…….

So I had my doctors appointment yesterday. Everything was ok with me and JJ. We started talking about when we would induce JJ. If you have read pervious posts you know how the conversation went the first time. So this time she told me that if we agreed on inducing on Nov 16th or 20th she would have to go ahead and set that up because the induction schedule gets full very fast. We talked more about it and decided that if it got to be the 27th, then we would induce. Which is exactly what I wanted. That way we have a shot at having JJ be born without being induced. I talked with Jay's sister Mindy and she agreed that after 41 weeks there is a lot better chance of things going wrong, and the chances of having a stillborn birth on a seemly normal baby begin to increase after that point. I have looked up many sites on the web about pregnancy and what the risks of going past 41 weeks are and it just seems like it would be in everyones best intrest to induce at that point and not risk anything going wrong. That also means that we could have a baby over Thanksgiving. The whole induction thing might not even matter. JJ may decide to be born on the day that he chooses (as long as it is before Nov 27th).

So the other thing that happened was that yesterday I went and got my hair cut. I called my dad to see if he was working, and thankfully he was at home. So I brought Breanna up to my parents house and dropped her off and went and had my hair cut. I got it cut to about shoulder legnth. They took he hair that they cut off and donated it to the Locks of Love program. So I know it went to a good cause. =) I don't think Jay actually thought that I would get my hair cut. He seemed a little shocked when he actually heard that I had cut it. He still hasn't said anything else to me about it.

The weather has quickly turned from Summer to winter here, we need to get the weather regulated somewhere in the midlle and have a little bit of fall. Of corse I won't mind if it freezes one time right now so that we can kill off all of those pesky mesquitos that have been hangin out around our house. Then let's find Fall. It went from being 90 outside last week to 50 this week. What ever happened to the 70's and 60's for fall???

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