Monday, June 01, 2009

Thank you General Motors.

Did my post title throw you off. Well it might, but I have a lot to thank GM for. When life hands you lemons.....well this is my lemonade. Today wasn't the best day. GM officially filed bankruptcy. The "old GM" is done and soon the "new GM" will take over.

General Motors has provided my family with a lot of amazing opportunities. It started with my Grandfather who worked for MIC. My grandparents moved around (as most GM families do) and at one point they transferred my Grandfather to Massachusetts. That is where my father met my mother. Thanks to GM for that, without them my sister and I would surely not exist.

My Dad began working for GM while he was in college at the parts warehouse during the summers. Immediately after graduating from OU he began working for GMAC. GMAC gave us many adventures, we moved a lot during my childhood. Was I sad when I had to pack up and move, yes. As an adult am I thankful for all of the places and people I have gotten to met as a result of those moves, absolutely. I still am in contact with some of the people I met while living in Houston, Chicago, St. Louis, and El Paso (I was to young when I left Little Rock to have friends I was 1 1/2 years old). My parents are still in contact with several of their friends that they have met over the years as well.
They helped pay for both my sisters education and mine. They have provided a stable environment for my family for a LONG time. I learned to drive in a GM vehicle. I have ONLY ever owned GM vehicles. I might ONLY ever own GM vehicles.
My parents final move before my father retired after 32+ years at GMAC was to OKC. My parents then convinced me to come down and check out OKC. I was living outside of Denver at the time. I came down and visited and decided to move here. I am thankful to GMAC for moving my parents here, I love it here, I love being close to them, I love that I see them, even if it is just passing in our cars. I rarely have a day during the school year that I don't see one of my parent while we are going to or coming home from work. Had GM not moved my dad here I would not have met Jay and in turn would not have Breanna and JJ.
They are basically responsible for the meeting of my parents, and the meeting of Jay and I.
So to the "old GM" I would like to Thank You, I am sad that you had to leave us. You are a HUGE part of my family. Thanks for everything.

I am happy to return a bit of money though my taxes to help you out. You have done so much for us it is the least I can do.

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Reeni♥ said...

Aww, what a sweet post!

Nichole said...

LOVE THIS POST! So heartfelt. I'm thankful for them too since without them your whole little family wouldn't exist. Mom, dad, you, sis, hubby and babies....

Ellen and Sharon said...

We hope this doesn't have a negative impact on your mom and dad. GM has been a wonderful company to so many families. We wish the company and their employees only the best.

Rocksee said...

it's a good way to look at it!

Momisodes said...

Wow. GM really has weaved into your lives. I hope that the new GM provides wonderful opportunities as it has in the past.

PW said...

What a way to turn a bad thing into a good thing...looking for the blessings. amen

Maria Raynal said...

Hi Amanda,
I work for GM Communications and want to thank you for your kind and thoughtful post...your grandfather referenced it in a letter he wrote to us.

Fellow commenters, thank you for your support. People like you will help make the new GM a success.

We are aware of the difficult sacrifices so many are making; some of my family members and friends have been affected as well. My best to your grandfather.

Please know that we are working round the clock to reinvent the company, to take good care of our customers and to earn the faith you have placed in us.

Thanks again,
Maria Raynal

Jordana said...

Hi Amanda,

I also work for GM Communications. Maria passed along your post. What a wonderful note!

I hope you'll like the newGM as much as the old. I can already feel some of the changes and it's clear that GM people are ready for "Chapter 1" of our new company.

All the best,

Maria Raynal said...

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for posting on my blog - I responded there, too. My friend and colleague Jordana is right, there is a new energy at GM and we're excited and optimistic about the future. And the support of people like you will help us get there.
Thanks again!