Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From the mouthes of babes....part 4

Breanna tonight: "Mom I want a diamond necklace"

Me: (thinking that some kid at school mentioned diamonds) "who talked about a diamond necklace?"

Breanna: "No one Mom, I just want a diamond necklace"

UGGHHH I am in trouble!! (she is only 4!!!)

(birthday party pics coming soon)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I think she's gonna be your High Maintenance child. Everybody has one LOL

Reeni♥ said...

That is too funny! I didn't forget about your question about the flatbread mix. I find it in the gourmet section of my market. I'm also working on a flatbread made from scratch - coming soon.

Sam said...

Uh-oh, hope I'm not going to hear that soon. :)

Momisodes said...

LOL! That is too funny. My daughter loves asking me to wear my diamond ring.

Julia said...

Next it will be, "Mom, I can I have a pony?" But going straight to diamonds really leaves very little room to move up. Maybe a Porche for her first car or something??

Honey Mommy said...

Me too! Hehe.

But I'm a bit more than four.