Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 18th is a big day.................

What an amazing last 6 months, thats right tomorrow JJ will be 6 months old. Boy has time flown by. Here are some pictures so that you can see how he has progressed. He will be going to the doctor tomorrow so I will post all of his stats after that. He will be getting shots as well. JJ is starting to sit up on his own, he is eating a TON of baby food. He is growing and learning more everyday. He is a thinker, you can see him pondering things already. We are going to go to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital Carnival on Sat and then go and have our pictures taken.

JJ right after he was born -8lbs 0ozs
JJ day 1

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Nichole said...

Happy 6th month bday baby JJ!! He has grown so much!!