Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pictures, 6 mon old info, Carnival, swimming, and Oil Rigs

So JJ was 6 mon old last Friday. We went to the doctor and had his 6 mon old well baby visit. Here are his current stats....

Weight - 16lbs 0ozs -- 24th percentile for kids his age
Height - 27 inches long -- 75th percentile for kids his age

so like Breanna so far he is tall and skinny. He is just the sweetest little baby. not much bothers him. He actually gets excited when you put him down to go to sleep at night. He has started vocalizing a lot more. This morning I could have sworn that he yelled mama when he wanted to get up.

We went Sat morning and had some pictures taken. I had them in their Sooner outfits, and then in their Harley outfits. We had a good time, but I have to tell you it is VERY difficult to get 2 kids to do what you want them to do when they are taking pictures. We only go 34 pictures taken in total. I got 5 of them printed. For those of you were are going to see in Branson in June I am bringing all of the pictures and you can pick which ones you want to take home with you!!


The babies in their Harley gear
She is ready to go with her Grandad anytime.

On Sunday we got out our pool in the backyard for the kids to get into . Breanna still calls swimming "splashy splashy". She now goes to the back and says outside and splashy. She wants to go all the time. I have found some really cool swimsuits. They sell them at Target and the brand is Wee Wave. They are swim suits that have built in leak proof diapers in the bottoms. So that you don't have to put a diaper on under the suit. Who ever invented this was a genius. I got them for both kids.

When JJ was done swimming, he sat in his little play gym outside and had some fun.After a long day of play JJ is ready for bed with his comfy cosy PJ's

We went to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital carnival on Sat. They put this on once a year to show appreciation to the employees and their families. Breanna had a blast. My mom and Dad met us at the carnival and walked around for awhile. Breanna got to go into a jump gym and play some little kid games. Jay even took her up one of the big slides and she came down on her own. Here are two pictures from that day.

Incase you are wondering what in the heck Jay has been working on, here they are. They aren't the typical oil wells that you would think of. They are not the pump jack kind. They are 230 feet tall and Jay sometimes has to climb to the top to check something out. Here are some pictures that he has taken over the last month of some of the rigs that he has worked on. Don't know if you all watch the Discovery channel, but they have a series that is called Oil, Sweat, and Rigs. They go through and actually featured a rig that Jay has spent a TON of time on lately. It is going to be on again here are the dates and times from the Discovery Channel. I am sure that the times are Eastern, so if you want to watch check your local listings. If you do watch the show the rig that Jay worked on is the F11 Nabors rig.

Jun 11, 8:00 pm
(60 minutes)
Oil, Sweat and Rigs
Oklahoma 2
T-Spoons has a mere 48 hours to drill a 4000 feet well. In that time he battles a broken mud pump, falling pipes and a potentially fatal release of highly explosive gas.

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Nichole said...

I love looking at your pictures! Glad the kiddos are doing well. And that rig is huge! Busy busy man he is.
Hey you never told us what it was like to be away from your kids for so long on your trip!! Was it hard? or not so bad?