Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Mommy

My mom's birthday is tomorrow (May 3rd). I hope you have a wonderful day!! Here are somethings that I have learned from my mother over the years!!

If you listen to Van Halen, the Eagles, and Journey you too can be the coolest mom in the 7th grade.

Nothing is better than a Sunday afternoon drive through the “country” in a Camero convertible with the Isley Brothers playing "This old heart of mine", and the Nylons singing "Kiss him goodbye" .

“Yankees” think it is important to wear shoes during things like Thanksgiving dinner.

Mom’s can make any boo-boo better with a kiss and a hug.

Disneyland is a great place to be in the rain.

It can be great therapy to rearrange and obsessively clean your child’s room after they leave for college.

You aren’t doing your job as a parent unless one of your kids is mad at you for something.

If your husband is driving and one of your children is sitting in the front seat and says a feel sick, your husband then says to the child roll down the window, grab the other child and duck!! (your husband may decide to slow down sometime, but it will probably be too late!)

When the child in the above statement gets out of the car to throw up on the side of the highway, make sure you don’t stand in a pile of fire ants. I am sure it was quite a sight!

If you get a speeding ticket you can always try to get your kids to not tell dad by offering them ice cream in return. Just know if you are the mother to the “family informer” it may not work out.

Just because you go through all the training and test out dives to become a certified scuba diver doesn’t mean you will actually ever dive.

If you have a license plate with your name on it, people are going to know your name.

You can tell your kids the WHOLE time they are growing up that they can’t have a dog because you are allergic, as soon as both kids are out of the house you not only adopt a dog, the dog can actually sleep in your bed with no ill effects!

You can be against tattoos and motorcycles until you have a tattoo and a motorcycle yourself.

Even in Colorado Springs the temp at a NASCAR race can get soo hot that you feel sick and go and sit under the bleachers.

If you sing in the car with your kids while they are growing up they will think their mom is the BEST singer EVER!!

If you sing in the car with your kids while they are growing up, and happen to add your own lyrics into the song, when your kids are grown up and hear that song on the radio they will revert to singing those same made up lyrics during the song.

Egg salad sandwiches are the best thing to have for lunch at rest stops while on road trips.

Happy Birthday Mom!! Thanks for being the mom that I try to be. I am still learning how to be a great mom from you. You will never appreciate what it takes to be a mom until you are one. Till you can be covered in poop, puke, and have a screaming child in your arms at 2am and still be able to look down at the child and smile and know you love them more than anything. Then you realize that you mom has been in the same position with you and loves you just as much!! =)

P.S. Today I was driving to get lunch at the hospital and "Pour Some Sugar on me" came on the radio, I rolled my window down, turned up the music and sang out loud!! (just like my mommy)

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