Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack O-mama???

Conversation I just had with Breanna:

ME: Breanna today was a big day, we got a new President, do you know what his name is?

Breanna:  SANTA!!! (VERY exited)

ME:  No not Santa, his name is Barack Obama. He is our new President.

Breanna: Barack O-mama?

ME: Not Barack O-mama, Barack Obama.

Breanna : Santa and Barack O-mama will bring me presents?

ME: (at this point realizing it might not make sense to a 3 year old) No Breanna not present, he is the President. 

Breanna: ok mommy.
I can say that I did stop what I was doing today and watched the Inauguration. It was special, (of course I think that they are all special). This one may be more special than others. I can say that I was more surprised that there weren't more people in my office watching. I think there were about 8 of us out of 50 or so watching! I don't think it matters who you voted for at this point, but I did think that there would be more people watching. I enjoyed watching it. I grew up listening to Aretha so I loved getting to hear her sing. I thought that Pres. Obama's speech was wonderful, moving, strait forward, and had a great sense of pulling together as a nation. 

I can say I DID vote for Pres Bush both times that he ran. Deep down he is just a country boy from Texas. I even watched his homecoming in Texas. Midland to be exact. Quite close to my old stomping grounds, and home to some VERY dear friends. There was lots of country music and fans there. 
That in the afternoon my mood turned a little somber. If you know me you know that I have a special place in my heart for the Kennedy's. Maybe it is because my mother and her side of the family is from the Boston area. My mom grew up in the John/Bobby Kennedy era. Something about that family has always fascinated me. I have read books, been to the Kennedy Museum, seen the Kennedy Compound, been to Deeley Plaza, and the 6th Floor Museum.  basically if it is Kennedy I have read, researched it, watched it. My heart sank a bit while listening to NPR's coverage they broke in to say that Sen Teddy Kennedy had collapsed and had been taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Since then I have found out that it was a seizure. He is expected to stay in the hospital, but will be released. According to CNN John Kerry said "He has his Irish up," Kerry said. "Ted Kennedy is going to be back in the Senate fighting for the things he cares about."

Get well Mr. Kennedy!

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DetJessandalltherest said...

HAHAHA! Too funny! Oh Breanna, don't we all wish Santa was president :)

Good post! I would have watched the inauguration with you! I am surprised more people weren't there too, since you mention it! I figured it was a little crowded in the breakroom!

Nichole said...

It was so incredible to watch all the events yesterday.Hard to believe that not many people in your office were tuning in. I couldn't turn away!

I was so sad about Kennedy too. I glad he was able to sit behind Obama and watch him take the oath and share in that moment with him. I didn't realize you had such a fascination with the Kennedy family. Thats really cool! I've been to the 6th floor museum here a couple times. It's so great.

Sam said...

It was our first time watching the inauguration! I agree that the speech was great. I also heard today that Teddy is up and cheery, so that is good news!

Tiffany said...

My little one said the SAME thing about President/Presents!
Thanks for stopping by my site today... you've gotta love the SITS!