Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oklahoma Firefighter Museum

While my family was all in town for Thanksgiving we decided to go to the Oklahoma  Firefighter museum. Frank is a firefighter, and my grandparents had family and friends that were firefighters. I didn't know this was in OKC, but it was VERY interesting find. This is the outside of the actual museum. 

This is the display case in the lobby, it had memorabilia from the Oklahoma Bombing, and 9/11.
The inside of one of the rooms in the museum, they have a lot of old firetrucks. They have the oldest one in Oklahoma. 
This is the one of the walls of patches. There are 3 and they are HUGE and filled with different badges.
Frank managed to find one badge that looked a bit familiar to him. 

Old, firetruck tires

This is the first Fire Station in Oklahoma. It was in Ft Supply, it is from 1869.

Some old helmets.
These are real horses that pulled that fire truck.
An old engine, I thought that it was pretty.
This is the clock tower on the walk over to the Fallen Firefighter Memorial. 
Here is the memorial statue, and the pictures that follow are that of the actual memorial walls. It was very beautiful, and a wonderful tribute to the men who have given their lives saving others. 

If you ever have a free day I suggest going and seeing it. There are handheld devices that you will be given to walk around the museum and you enter in the number on the exhibit and it will give you the history behind what you are looking at. 

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