Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Adventures in Dreamland…..

So being that it was about 105 yesterday in Oklahoma City it was a little hot in our house yesterday. The house that we are renting has window air conditioners. There is one in our bedroom and one in the living room. So last night when we were getting ready to go to bed I thought that I would go and check on Breanna. I walked in her room and touched her and she was pretty warm. So I had the bright idea, well I'll just pick her up and she can come in and sleep with us. Now it was still about 90 at 10pm. I picked her up and there was sweat on the back of her little neck.
I carried her into our bedroom and put her in between Jay and I. First I need to aplogize to any member of my family that had to ever share a bed with me as a child. I now feel your pain. Breanna started out just peacefully laying ni between us. She then decided to turn over, and also turn sideways. So she was laying perpendicular to both Jay and I. We both had to move over so that she could strech out. She then decided to kick off the covers and kicked me square in the nose. She then decided to move a little more and headbutted Jay. She then turned back to laying the same way as Jay and I. Then she decided to lay with her head on my pillow. She then kicked Jay in the side for about the next 15 minutes. I also discovered that just like her father, Breanna talks in her sleep. At one point she started pointing and saying NO in her sleep. By 11:30 we had had enough kicks in the side and getting headbutted. I don't think she stopped moving the entire hour and a half she was in our room. I decided enough was enough. Turned on the living room air conditioner and then put her in her bed and turned on her fan. We all finally got to get some sleep.
2 days left in her first year. =)

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Nichole said...

LOL, sounds like an eventful and hot night! Usually when I think of kiddos sleeping I think of sweet little angles. Hard to remember they are little people that move around too! :)