Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The doctors office

So Breanna had her one year old appointment today at the doctor. Here are her current stats:

19lbs 4ozs - 10-15% for kids her age
30 inches tall - 75% for kids her age
Head size is 90% for kids her age - same as it has always been =)

She is perfectly healthy. He wasn't concerned with her lack of walking. He said it is a matter of will vs. skill. She knows that right now it is easier, and faster for her to crawl and so that is what she does. He said that she will get over it eventually and decide to walk. She got a MMR/Chicken Pox shot. She cried for a minute, but then got oer it and had started laughing at the nurses.

She had a good morning. She spent it with my mom. She watched her so that I didn't have to go all the way down to daycare to get Breanna before her doctors appointment. Breanna had a great time. She loves going and spending time with her "Gamma".

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Nichole said...

Yea for good dr. appointment!!