Monday, July 17, 2006

Ok so this is going to be our new venue for telling and letting people know about things. I loved reading Nicholes blog soo much that I decided to start one of our own. As many of you know Jay and I are going to have a second baby. We found out last Monday (the 10th) that we are going to have a baby boy. There wasn't much discussion about what we were going to name this baby. I went through a baby name book and wrote down names that I liked, but Jay only wanted one name. So our baby is going to be named Jay Lindsey Brinsfield, Jr., it means a lot to Jay, and this is going to be his only son, so why not have a Jr.

We are coming up on another big event. Our baby girl Breanna will be a year old on July 20th (Thurs). It really doesn't seem like she should be a year old. She is growing up to fast for us!! She is such a little person. She is amazing. She makes us laugh ALL the time. She had a big weekend. She got to spend the night at my parents house on Sat night. This is only the second time in her first year that she has spent the night anywhere. She had a good time. My mom has been asking me to leave her there for a night for awhile. I finally gave in. I don't thinks she believed me at first that we were actually going to leave her there.

My uncle was also in town. My dad went 1/2 way on Friday to meet him. They spent a LONG time riding their bikes this weekend. They went on a poker run on Sat with their cousin Jimmy.
Hope you all are doing well. Will write more later!!

Amanda, Jay, Breanna, and JJ

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Nichole said...

Yea!! I'm so glad you started a blog!!
I can't believe Baby B is a year old on Thursday!! Time sure does fly!
All your pictures are adorable! Even JJ's :o) Have fun Blogging!!!