Monday, April 09, 2007

Breanna had her Easter party on Friday at daycare. Here are some pictures of her there....

Noah and Breanna, Noah has been Breanna's best friend for most of her life. They have both been there from the beginning.

Breanna, Noah, and Kyle eating their treats.

Breanna likes chocolate a little bit, can you tell??

Breanna was covered in chocolate.....
JJ dressed in his non-formal Easter outfit
The kids Easter baskets, on Breanna's new Dora hide-a-bed couch. She loves it!!

Breanna's Easter Basket.

JJ's Easter Basket

The funniest thing happened. I have always said that Breanna is a very everything in it's place kind of girl. Well she pulled out all of the stuffed animals and lined them up on the couch. She then took all of the eggs and separated them all of the big eggs in JJ's basket and the small eggs in hers. One thing that you could not do is mix up the eggs. If you put one of the small eggs in with the big eggs you had better watch out she was right there ready to put them back in their respective baskets.

We went over to my parents house on Sunday evening to take the extra crib over there and get the kiddos clothes over there in preparation for our vacation. We had a delicious turkey dinner with sweet potatoes, a potato casserole, broccoli, and cranberries. We had a really good time. Except for the fact that JJ apparently had something in his stomach that did not agree with him. He threw up the last half of the time that we were there. Mom and Dad took time out and drove me home so that I could keep an eye on JJ. Mom stopped and got some Pedilyte for JJ. He is much better now. He didn't get sick again over the last 12 hours. He had some formula this morning and it stayed down.
Breanna had a GREAT time at her Easter Egg hunt at Daycare. I had Sara video tape it so I got to see her run around and get her eggs. A good time was had by all.
Hope you all had a good Easter.

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Nichole said...

It's interesting that at such a young age kids start to develop little personality traits. I love that Breanna likes things in their place. The Easter baskets are so cute and the bunnies look extra soft and cuddly. Happy late Easter and hope JJ continues to feel well. Good Luck getting everything ready for your big trip!