Thursday, April 05, 2007

Well it is Easter week. This means at Daycare Breanna is busy making all of her Easter crafts. Including dying some Easter Eggs. She made them yesterday. According to Sara Breanna wanted her eggs to stay in the dye and she wanted to just stir them. She did not like it much when her eggs came out of the dye. I’ll post a picture of the little eggs tomorrow. Friday they are having an Easter Egg hunt at Daycare. I am sending the video camera over so that we can see Breanna in action.

Jay has been in Texas all week so it has just been me and the babies at home. We do however have a new obsession…..ready for this…..Dora the Explorer. Breanna is fascinated by her. I didn’t even know that she liked Dora. Sat morning we were all up a little early (about 5:45) and we had gone into the living room. I was trying to find Breanna something to watch so she would be still while I got her some milk and JJ a bottle. While I was flipping through the channels Dora was on. Breanna immediately said Dora and got very excited. So we watched Dora, she know the map (ma) and then the backpack (ba-pah).

The best thing ever is On Demand TV. We have Cox and on their On Demand menu they have a Cable TV section, under that they have a kids section. Then you can pick Nickelodeon and then Nick Jr., and you know who had their shows on Demand there. That’s right Dora. So we watch the Dora Easter show or at least part of it most days. There is also Sesame Street, and most PBS shows on the same menu. It is a wonderful thing to be able to find a show that you know if going to make your kids happy, not just when it comes on the TV, but when it is when you, or the kids, want it.

More Dora news, so I have been collecting Pampers points. I got enough points to order the Buenos Noches Dora doll. So soon Breanna will have her new doll. We were at the grocery store last night (which in it self is a hassle with both kids.) Breanna saw a Dora sippycup. We had to have the sippycup, we had to have the sippy cup in the bath with us, we had to sleep with the Dora cup, when I woke her up this morning she was still holding on to the Dora cup. She took the cup to Daycare with her. As far as I can tell that cup is glued to her hand.

We are going to maybe do some kind of Easter Egg hunt this weekend. As it looks now we will be doing it inside. The low for Sunday is 28, so it might be a little cold for my babies on Easter morning. I’ll be sure to post pictures. Not knowing the Dora obsession that was to come I had already bought some Dora stuff for her for Easter. We’ll see if it gets “glued” to her hands as well!!

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Nichole said...

I've never seen Dora, but I know who she is and think she is cute :) Glad you are loving On Demand TV. i love technology. I don't know what grocery store you use, but I know in Allen Albertsons, United and I think Tom Thumb all have a delivery service. you can buy your groceries online, schedule a delivery time and they will show up at your door. Might be worth looking into more with your two kiddos! :)