Friday, March 30, 2007

Tornado Season Already?????

Tornado season has begun. Personally I think it is WAY to early to have tornados, but I don’t control the weather.

Yesterday it was a little scary. I had left work a little early to go and get the kids. We watch the weather at work and saw that there was going to be some bad storms coming. After I had gotten them and was about 5 minutes away from daycare I heard the tornado sirens go off. I immediately tuned into about 5 different radio stations to try to find out exactly where the tornado was. At first there was nothing on the radio, then the national weather service broke in and issued the tornado warning. All the radio stations usually then turn their programming over to the TV stations. Mainly to one weatherman, Gary England. He began saying that the tornado was at Morgan Road and Memorial. Which means that the tornado is in Piedmont. Not a good thing considering that it is about 3:40, my mom is either still at school (Piedmont Elem) or she has headed home, and my dad is doing his afternoon bus run, which means that he is more than likely not at that spot, but not very far away.

So since you all know me you know I have a tendancy to freak out whenever there are tornados, much less when I think that there is a chance that both of my parents may be in danger. So I began calling my mom. Half of the time the network was busy the other half of the time she isn’t answering her phone. So then over the radio they said that the tornado was at Council and 206th. Which means that the tornado path had gone right over what I thought was my dads bus route. I finally got a hold of my mom, she was ok, she was on her way home. I asked to call me when they were both home.

At 4:17 my mom called and said that both her and my dad were home safe and sound. I could finally take a deep breath. My dad said that the tornado was in this area, but that he never saw anything.

My mom said that on her way home there were several trees, and power line poles down. Last night they closed the road that my mom had driven through going home due to the fact that they need to clean up the debris.

When I talked to my dad he said that he would get to see the all of the damage when he went to pick up his kids on his morning route.

All of s are safe and sound.

So the weather for today…..more storms….uggghhhhh

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Nichole said...

so glad you all are safe.
Sometimes Michael and I miss the excitement of the tornado storms and tornado season in Lubbock, other times, like right now reading your post about being scared for your family makes me not miss it at all.
Stay Safe!

Anonymous said...

SCARY!!! Glad everyone is OK!!