Monday, March 19, 2007

4 Mon check Up and Easter/ St. Pats Pictures

So this weekend we went and took our Easter Pictures and since it was St. Pats day we took some of St. Pat's pictures too. The kiddos did pretty well. Breanna got pretty upset and done taking pictures at the end. It was 5pm and she was ready to go home and eat some dinner and relax. After going by myself (Jay got called into work) I was ready to go home and eat dinner and relax too.

JJ had his 4 mon old check up this morning. He is now:

13 lbs 8 ozs - 23% for babies his age
25.25 inches long - 53% for babies his age

He is all smiles these days. He can roll over both ways. I put him to bed on his back (as all parenting literature will tell you to do) and he has begun to flip onto his stomach during the night. He sleeps better that way anyway. The doctor said not to worry about it.

Jay is on his way to Texas, he is working in Wheeler today. So it will be a long day for him. On his paystub he got last Friday, mind you this is only for ONE week, he had 87 hours. Hope that gives you an idea of how long he is actually working. Now that doesn't include his lunch hour, or if they take a dinner hour.

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Nichole said...

That is a lot of hours Mr. Jay is working!!!

The pictures are ADORABLE. Breanna's little Easter dress is precious.

Glad JJ's dr. appt. went well too. He's gettin big!