Thursday, March 08, 2007

A lotta time alone

Well since Jay has started his new job I have been spending a lot of time alone with the babies and then after they go to sleep by myself.
By the time Jay headed to work on Wed morning he already had 40 hours. Tuesday alone he worked a 21 hour work day. He had left at 4am and got home at 2am. He worked all 7 days last week. The kiddos are both in bed by 8pm, so after that I get ready do laundry, clean up, get things ready for the next morning, make lunches, and then get myself ready for bed and then watch a little TV till I go to sleep. One of the things that I miss (and I am sure Nichole is going through the same thing) is the fact that you can't turn and saw did you see that, or comment about something. There is just no one there to comment to. Hopefully he will get some days towards the end of the week where he gets home before 10pm. The kids just get to see him in the morning when he takes them to daycare. I let Breanna call and talk to him on the phone at night though. She seems to like it.
There are two small videos of the kiddos playing together below. I really thought that JJ was going ot be a quiet kid, but in the last few days he has started to "talk" a TON!! He is especially fond of his sister and when he sees her anywhere around he makes sure to make enough noise to get her attention and then Breanna will come and sit my him and talk to him and laugh. JJ's whole face lights up he talks back and laughs. It is really nice to see that they already are bonding as siblings. =)

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