Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A short 5 weeks (well hopefully short)

Well we are getting closer, and closer to the vacation that we have been waiting a year to take. Last May if you don't remember I won a vacation to Cozumel on the radio. We were going to take the vacation last summer, but then being pregnant I decided that we had better wait until after JJ was born to go.

****Note to my grandparents, in this blog there are links to the websites for some of the places. If something is white and underlined it if you click on the underlined names it will take you to the website for the different places. Thought you might like to see the website for our hotel.****

We are leaving on Sunday April 15. I can't wait to go. I was looking at the restaurants and attractions. There is a Shrimp Bucket in Cozumel. This reminded me of the last vacation that I was on. We were in Cabo, it was 8am and my parents, my sister, and I were sitting in Cabo Wabo. For those of you who don't know Cabo Wabo is a bar that is owned by Sammy Hagar. We were having Waborita's (the Cabo Wabo margarita made with Cabo Wabo Tequila), and yes it was 8am. Shortly after that we walked down the road a bit and ended up at the Shrimp Bucket. We decided to have some breakfast, so we had tequila sunrises, hey if we were drinking at 8am we might as well at 10am. We also ordered our food, mostly made up of shrimp. To this day my mom says that whole experience made her a little less fond of shrimp. To me it is a memory that I will for as long as I live never forget. I have decided that Jay and I will go one morning into town and have tequila sunrises and shrimp for breakfast, just to keep tradition alive.

We will be staying at the Melia, it is an all inclusive resort, so we won't have to worry about paying for our food or alcohol as long as we are at the resort. And Yes like a good McClain girl would I check out the alcohol portion and the all inclusive does include premium liquors, not just domestics.

The resort

Now that is a sunset

The rooms

The beach

The pool

I plan on relaxing

Night time at the restaurant

I plan on going into town and doing a little shopping, we are going to go and have dinner at Prima's one night, we were told about this place by Louise Capshaw, so I know it will be great!! I sneaked a peak of the menu online and it looks fabulous. Had to remind myself that the prices were in pesos. I thought at first there was noooo way the food was going to be good enough to charge what they were charging. Maybe go scuba diving one day, our resort does complementary snorkeling trips everyday at 11am, so we will do that one day. Jay isn't certified to dive, so I would have to go by myself, unless he takes a resort class and goes. The thing with Jay is that he doesn't like big fish, so before we go and pay to have him certified as a diver I want to make sure he can handle snorkeling with the fishies!!

Jay is just as excited. He says he has never been on a vacation. He has never been out of the US, Mexico will be quite and adventure for him I think the fact that people aren't going to speak English hasn't sunk into him yet, I think he'll have a little bit of culture shock at first......

Can you tell I am a little excited about our new adventure that awaits us?

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Nichole said...

I can't believe it is just 5 weeks away already!! I remember when you won the trip!!! You seem to have a great plan for while your there and I know you both will have a blast. I am sure Jay will be hooked on "vacationing" after this trip. What a great first Vacation trip for him to go on. It will be nice to for you guys to spend some time together without the little ones to look after. I'm so excited for you! :)

Oh and I think the tequila sunrise shrimp breakfast is hysterical. I can see your entire family drinking Waborita's and then going in for tequila sunrises... The McClain crew is crazy! But I love you guys!

Nichole said...

OH and the resort looks lovely! and SOOOOo relaxing! :)