Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So last weekend as a reward for all of his LONG weeks of work Jay took a day off. He had bought a smoker a few weeks before and had not gotten to use it. So this Sunday he got it out, set it up and we spent all day cooking. Jay had found reciepies in his Big BBQ book (the same one my dad has) and we set out for a day of BBQ. We had Matt and Courtney and their daughter Payton over, we had called my parents, but they must not have been home because they did not answer their phone.

At the end I ended up making from scratch mind you baked bean, BBQ sauce, a mop sauce, a slaw to put on top of your BBQ. Jay was busy outside with Matt smoking the Boston Butt, and enjoying a few adult beverages.

Now about 7pm Jay got a call from work. He would be leaving in the morning to go to Texas for work, and he would not be home till Thurs. so that left me and Breanna with 10 lbs of pulled pork, and about 5lbs of baked beans. So that is what w3e have been eating all week. We could really use Jay’s help eating all of this food. Here are some pictures of the things we cooked.

The slaw

The Boston Butt

BBQ Baked Beans

BBQ sauce from scratch

The kiddos had a good time. Breanna is starting to speak sentences that I can actually understand. She is getting more and more vocal, if you can believe that. She is going to be a talker……wonder where she gets that from?? =)

JJ is rolling over, he is tucking his legs underneath himself getting ready crawl. He is getting his first teeth. They are on the bottom, right now they are just white spots, but they are defiantly there.

Since the weather is nicer I started taking the kiddos for walks around the neighborhood. They LOVE it. Breanna and JJ just look around at everything. We have been going in the evenings too.

The babies in the stroller

Breanna taking charge of JJ's toy

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Nichole said...

That is A LOT of food!! Hope you have enjoyed it. I guess Jay gets back today. will he have any leftovers to eat?

Glad he got to take a day off. Thats nice. The kiddos are cute :)