Friday, April 06, 2007

So here are the pictures that I promised. I added a note about JJ that I had forgotten to talk about before.

Breanna's Easter shirt, she had to wear a long sleeve white shirt under it. Tooo cold.

The infamous Dora cups. The one she held onto for sooo long has the blue top.

Breanna's Easter Eggs.

JJ's Easter shirt, yes it says I love Mommy. Perfect bribing material for when he is about 16.

Ok here with this picture there is a bit of a story. JJ is now sitting in the high chair because I have begun to feed him some baby food. I know he is only 4.5 months old, but he is ready. Bottles are not keeping him full enough. I tried to give him cereal, but he doesn't really like it to much and I can't blame him. It tastes like cardboard. So he has begun getting Squash, he LOVES it he pretty much inhales the stuff. Next up over the weekend. Sweet Potatoes. Yuuummm.

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Nichole said...

The eggs are really cute. and I love her little shirt. Glad JJ is liking his baby food! :) Hope the Sweet potatoes go well...