Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bloggie Worlds Collide.........

After work tonight I went to see Chez Det in all it 99.9% finished glory. Let me tell you the pictures don't do it justice. The cabinets, the storage (ohh they have some serious storage), the appliances, the lighting system (which just got installed), the beverage center (can't leave out the beverage center), the wood-burning fireplace (good call on that one Det) it ALL looked Fabulous!!!  Even the closets are worthy of being a bit jealous of. I could go on and all about all of the cool things they have built into the kitchen!! Seriously JEALOUS!!  We had some wine, gossiped a bit (well maybe a little more than a bit), Jess attempted the "Christmas shot" for the pre-party she is having on Sat. I know while we were talking I kept looking around, I just couldn't believe how great it all looked! 

Then, just before I had to leave to go and get the kiddos, the Potato Queen showed up!!  Let me tell you she is exactly what I had thought she was. We jumped right into the conversation, although a short one. She was funny, happy, outgoing, and just adorable. Seriously I really don't know how this girl is single! 
I think at one point during the conversation between Potato and Jess about how tall Potato was, I may have said out loud, (but was definatly saying in my head) "yep this is just how I had pictured the two of them"!! They are just like sisters!!

Potato and Jess (borrowed from the Det Jess blog) 

Thanks you both for letting me come over and hang out for a bit. I promise to come back and stay a bit longer (if you girls will let me)!!! 

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Nichole said...

It is so fun to meet blogger friends in the flesh. Sounds like ya'll had a nice time.

And WOW! I am in love with that kitchen of hers! Beautiful beautiful home!

Now, I just need to "re-meet" you in the flesh!! SOON!! :)

Momisodes said...

That's wonderful! Sounds like you had a great time :) I've only met a few bloggers in real life, but it really is a rather surreal, exciting experience!

DetJessandalltherest said...

AW! That was such a nice post! Tami read it too over my shoulder. I have just NOW sat down to get on the internet and catch up...I am so tired from this weekend - CRAZINESS.

Thanks for the shout out :) That was very sweet. - can't wait to tell you about the party.

I'll give you a hint: Potato Queen got snuggled....