Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Menu from game day......

Didn't post this the first time I posted about the game, but we cooked some good food.......

Ribs.....there are ALWAYS ribs..

The is almost always some chicken for me!!

New potato salad, the vinagrette below was GREAT!!
Grilled veggies.....gotta have the veggies!! The seasoning and spices we used!

Yes, Jess there was Feta involved, forgot it in the first picture, but had to take one!
There are no pictures of the finished food, only the boys cutting it all up in the previous post. (bad blogger, bad blogger).

3 people showing some love:

DetJessandalltherest said...

WooooWeee! You know I love to hear what people are eating.

I never met a feta I didn't like.

Oh and props on the display of ingredients. How very Ree of you!


Nichole said...

my mouth is watering..that looks yummy.

Mimi said...

Mmm, I have some ribs in the freezer. Now I know how I'm going to prepare them!