Thursday, December 04, 2008


We had Thanksgiving a little early this year at my parents house. My sister, Frank, and my Grandparents all came to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving. We had a great time getting to visit with everyone. There will be more pictures, but here are some from the actual day we celebrated Thanksgiving!!
Aunt "awissa" and Breanna. I am not sure if this is when Melissa was trying to convince Breanna that she needed to come to the beach, but it could have been. There wasn't an hour that went by for the rest of the weekend that Breanna wasn't asking someone to take her to the beach.

I am SURE that there is beach talk going on in this one. Breanna was pretty happy with Melis, she seemed to hang out with her A LOT during her time here. Even when we went over to tell Melissa, Frank and my Grandparents good-bye Breanna kept saying Aunt "awissa" isn't going anywhere. She really did not want her to leave. **I wanted to add, Melissa was saying on Monday (the day after this picture) that her arms were sore. THAT is how much time the two of them spent like this...
The kids played with the infamous train table. My Dad and Jay spent a lot of time re-laying the track, and decided (after the kids had torn it up in 30 min) that it probably needed to be glued together in large sections. Trust me there were TONS of pieces of track!
Outside waiting for all of the Grandparents to arrive! Breanna rode her bike around and JJ walked around with me.
Nana arrives
Grandma and Grandad arrive. Grandad looks pretty happy to see those Great-grandkids!!
Everyone talking in the kitchen.

The grandma's talking.
Breanna being a ham, and playing with the bead table!!
18+ pounds of turkey.......yummm

Thanksgiving ended as all holidays at my parents house do. With everyone congregating on the living room floor. Even Dexter is in the mix, trying to get someone to throw him a ball. Which JJ does happily!!

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DetJessandalltherest said...

Sounds like a grand ole time! The laying around part is the best - IMHO.

(that was a big ass turkey)

Christie said...

Wow, sounds like you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Wolf said...

what great pictures!

we recently had a train set where i work (daycare) and the toddlers LOVED it...but they can be so destructive!

i never had a train set as a child, but after playing with the one at work...i actually started to want one! maybe when i have kids? :)

Nichole said...

Everyone looks great and so laid back and relaxed. Family time is the best! Thanks also for giving me the link to all the pictures from the weekend! I loved looking at them!

MELISSA said...