Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are you tired of my weather posts??? Today Tornados!

Today......I bring you tornado's and hail. That's right tornado's in Feb!!  We got evacuated to the basement at work, and a funnel cloud went right over us.  A tornado hit and tore the roof completely off the Target that I shop at (and my parents live by). I have been in contact with both of my parents all afternoon. My Mom was on lock-down at school, where my Dad eventually joined her. I drove by their house on my way home (and stopped for a few minutes in their garage while the hail went past) there was NO damage at their house. Then I was off to get the kids, as soon as I drove into the parking lot the tornado sirens went off AGAIN. So it was inside to sit in the shelter with the kiddos. 

We had a small break in the storms and I headed out and came home. As soon as I got the kiddos inside the rain began and quickly turned to hail! Lots and lots of hail. It winds were blowing about 65mph so it was into the bathroom we went. The bad part of the storm passed after about a half hour. 

We are all ok. I no longer have a Target to shop at and there is extensive damage in Edmond. Please keep all of those folks in you thoughts!  The storms have weakened, so hopefully no more bad weather tonight.

Update....Many stores and homes have been damaged. Thankfully my family can count ourselves lucky, no damage to any of our homes. 

I hadn't realized it at first, but Jay had let my cat out this morning!  She came back just a few minutes ago. She is fine, wet and tired, but fine!

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Sam said...

Who needs weather channel porn when I've got you? Is all this crazy weather why there looks to be lots of WIDE OPEN SPACES in your neck of the woods? ;)

Seriously, I'm glad you guys are safe. Eek!

Momisodes said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you are all alright. I can't imagine how scary this must have been.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Tornadoes are terrifying! I have always had a lot of respect for bad weather, jumping in the tub with kid, cats and dogs while my hubby would watch the weather report on TV. Last Feb (1 year ago this weekend) a tornado hit our house. We were fine....all in the tub, me-our daughter Molly-3 cats-2 dogs and my hubby with all of his medical equipment. The tub was shaking as it pulled the roof off over our heads! I had 1 scratch on my hand....everyone was fine!
I'm glad your tornado wasn't anymore serious!
Take care~
♥ Lilly

Nichole said...

Tornadoes in Feb is INSANE!
We just had our tornado sirens go off here too.

Glad you and your whole family is safe. :)I hope you find somewhere new to shop at too...

Honey Mommy said...

Holy COW! And I've been complaining about a little snow!

Ellen and Sharon said...

We are glad you all are safe. We have been seeing the news on TV regarding the crazy weather. You were fortunate to have places to take cover during the different weather events.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Glad you are all safe and no damage, it was scary to watch even from here. Poor kitty though!

Anonymous said...

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