Monday, February 23, 2009

Yesterday, and Jay's job

****First let me say that Jay's job has been saved. He was not included in the lay-offs that Nabors/Canrig have been doing. There have been lots around this area recently (mostly the end of last week). Jay got called into the office in another town this morning and we were thinking the worst. People had already been calling and checking to see if there had been lay-offs here. He got to the office and it was more of a "we know what you are hearing" meeting. Jay was assured that his job was stable and that they valued him as an employee, there were lay-offs that have happened, but he would not be included in them......whhheewwww. I was SERIOUSLY worried. He has only been with this company for 4 mon, so when it came to laying off people I thought that he would have been at the top of the list. Not so it seems.****

We did go outside and enjoy the day. We had a great day of riding out bikes around and around our cul-de-sac. We met some new neighbors. Our street is now almost full. There are still two homes for sale but the other 6 (including ours) now has families living in them. We have a little mirco Mid-America street. Our neighbors consists of a single dad with a young daughter, a retired set of grandparents, a couple about 40 with kids in junior high, a married couple in their 30's who have cats and dog but no kids, a single guy, and us.

Playing catch

Playing some T-ball (Breanna is better at hitting a ball than I am!)

All in all a great family day.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I envy that you can be outside with no coats on. It's about 15 degrees here in New England. I want warm weather and I want it now.

Mammatalk said...

So glad you were not touched by a lay off! A big Bloggy High Five to you! Thanks for supporting me on my big Bloggy Joggy! :-)

Connie Weiss said...

So glad that Jay's job is fine. THat is really stressful!

Can't wait until our grass is revealed and we can play outside again!

Nichole said...

I think that the only reason she can hit better than you is that the stand is so little and the perfect height for her. ;) And I'm sure she's just awesome at hitting the ball also.

So glad about Jay and his job too!

Reeni♥ said...

You must feel so relieved, that's good news!! I'm not sure where you live but it kind of looks like Arizona. Your kids must of had fun, enjoy the weather!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I envy all you sunshine and warm weather..

Your kiddos are so cute..

Thanks for stopping by ..

DetJessandalltherest said...

I love Breanna's little pony tail -cutey-cuteness!

Sam said...

Phew! What a relief! Glad you had fun exploring the neighborhood. I can never get over how much space your sky has. ;)