Monday, February 09, 2009

What happens when you go to visit your Grandparents

My sister (on the left) and I (on the right) while at my Grandparents house around 1991. 
Why this post with this picture. Let me tell you. I had been BEGGING, and BEGGING my mother to buy me a sheer top, with all the sequins, and well you can see all that went with it. she absolutely refused over and over. Not matter how hard I tried, I was not getting one if these shirts. 

What happens next you might ask? We go to visit my Grandparents in Little Rock. Grandma takes us to the store and say what ever we want she will buy us. So here it is, my one and only golden opportunity! I jumped on it. I got the shirt, the black tank top that went underneath, and not to mention some overall shorts that I was NEVER going to actually wear as overalls, they were always going to be worn as you see them.  
We got off the plane my mother just looked at me, she knew right then I had gotten away with something! I wore the heck out of that shirt too. 
I am sure that my time will come too, Breanna will come home with something that I wouldn't have bought her!

PS Thanks for the idea Nichole, this was pretty blog worthy!

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Nichole said...

i had no idea there was such a story here! Now I love the pic even more!!! great post!

Nichole said...

Btw, this comment is brought to u by G1!

DetJessandalltherest said...

oooohhhh, Amanda. You were so cool!

PS. I'm commenting, homie.

Its Me(SARA) Behind the Camera said...

:) I love this Idea I might have to look through all of my photo's and try to find something like this... :)

Cute Picture of both your sister and you! :)

Island Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your comment!

I think I might have had some overalls similar to your fact I'm almost positive I did :)

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I wore my overalls like that when I was preggers so it would be less work going to the bathroom. Glad you got your shirt and wore the heck out of it. I know you felt like a big deal every time you saw your mother when you wore it.

Sam said...

That is an adorable picture. I got away with a lot of things when I asked my grammy, too. :)

Also, I think you must be like half my age, because in 1991 I was already old and haggard and having to buy my own sequined shirts and overall shorts that would never been worn as overalls. ;)