Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My mornings are pretty structured. There isn't a lot of room for idle time in the morning when you are trying to get yourself, your husband, and your two babies who can't do things for themselves out the door before 6:30am. The kids get to spend a little time together while mom and dad get ready. This morning I walked into JJ's room where I had put him down to listen and watch his little toy. I walked back in and Breanna had gotten out of her bed and went in and was playing with him. So I got her dressed in there and then she laid down on the floor next to him and watched the lights and listened to the classical music while drinking her morning milk. Here are some pictures from the morning. The first one is when Breanna was still in her PJ's, the other two she is dressed.

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Nichole said...

you have to be out the door by 630!! My god thats early!They are so cute. I love how much Baby B loves her baby bro!