Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Packing and Valentines

Some short pictures of the babies from the weekend. We are busy packing up our place and getting ready to move. We seem to get a lot done when Breanna is napping, and I think it confuses her. She goes to bed and wakes up and there are more boxes and it looks less like we actually live there. We will be moving this weekend. I am taking Friday off so that I can get some of our small items moved. I am also going to go and get some new bedding and things like that so that we can be all moved and actually living there on Sat night. I'll send pictures of that day as I take them. It will be another adventure in moving. A big HUGE thanks to my Mommy, she is going to watch the kiddos while we move so we won't have to have them under toe.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and I know Melissa doesn't really read this blog, so I can say I sent her flowers from the kids. Being in Corpus she isn't as close as we would like and I think it will show her that we are thinking about her too!! =) She should get them tomorrow.

I'll post pictures of the kids in their Valentines Day outfits tomorrow. They are having a Valentines Day party at daycare. You'd think that you wouldn't have to start buying Valentines until they are in school. Nope starts a lot younger than that. I think they will have a good time.

JJ started laughing at me on Sunday. I will try to get a short video off my phone of it. We actually have a nice video camera, that we use, but I don't know how to get those videos in clips on the computer so that I could post them.

Breanna is talking more. She is going to be our resident "chatty cathy" she talks CONSTANTLY. It is how she puts her self to sleep at night and how she wakes up in the morning. She runs from the moment she gets up till she goes to sleep. She can identify her arm, hand, eyes, nose, mouth, feet, belly, leg, hair, and sometimes ear. She can follow commands like go find Daddy, or put that back, go put that in your room, all are simple things but she is learning more and more each day!!

Another note....Nichole tell Michael that we said Happy Birthday!! There now both of your birthdays for the year have been included in my little blog!

Super Star!! (well she thinks so!!)
More snuggles from the weekend. They are both still in PJ's.

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Anonymous said...

Happy packing and moving!! UUGGHH! I do not envy you, but will be sending good thoughst your way!!

Nichole said...

Good Luck with the move! Its so nice that your moms gonna watch the kids.
So sweet that you sent Missa flowers. That will be a big surprise! And Michael says thanks for the bday wishes :)