Monday, February 26, 2007


This weekend went by WAY to fast. It seemed like we were got home Friday, woke up and it was Sunday. WE have been hanging out at home this weekend unpacking more and more stuff. We are all done except for the clothes that are in our room. We have gotten Breanna and JJ all squared away. The living room is still waiting on furniture that Mathis Brothers swears to me they are going to deliver this Wed. (only a week and a half after they said we were going to get it).

JJ has another cold. He is all stopped up. Same thing we went through with Breanna last winter. Thankfully winter is almost over and there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is more alert and wanting to reah out and grab things. He graps for anything he can get his little hands on.

Breanna is becoming mommy's little helper. She likes to "play" with JJ, she tries to hold his bottle and feed him, and if she sees that his pascifier has fallen out of his mouth she is right there to put it back in. She tries to pick him up, thankfully he is too heavy for her to move. She is a loving caring little girl. In the videos below, (they are different) she bends down and kisses his head, starts his bouncy seat and dances to the music.

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Nichole said...

I LOVE the videos. Its so nice to see your babies moving about and not in stills. glad things are falling into place in your new home! moving can be so busy for such a long time huh?