Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday....not sooo super!!

Super Bowl Sunday stinks!! Well in our house it did. The day started with us making a trip to Walmart so get some supplies for the day and also our groceries for the week. Jay insisted on going with me so we packed both kids up and headed out. We did really well for awhile, JJ was in his car seat in the basket, and Breanna had her monkey (he leash) on walking around. She got tired and grumpy and insisted that I carry her. She wouldn't let Jay hold her, she wouldn't sit in a cart, nothing. We got our stuff and went home. We had decided while we were at the store that we were going to go all out for the Super Bowl. We bought hamburgers, brats, lil smokies, all the fixins for queso.
We get home, have some lunch, then believe it or not everyone in our house got to take a little nap. Yep, that's right we were all asleep at the same time!! That NEVER happens. So we all get up and get ready to start preparing our feast. Jay took a shower, and got ready to start the BBQ grill. This is when things start to head south. I decide that I want to take a shower as well. So I get JJ fed and happy, Breanna is in her room playing with all of her stuff. I went into the bathroom and started the shower. It was pretty hot, so I tried to step in as far back as I could. My feet went out from under me, I tried to catch myself by putting my hands on the side of the shower. Since Jay had been in there just a little bit ago, the tile was still wet, so it didn't stop my fall at all. I closed my eyes and hit the back of the tub face first. I got right up and Jay came running into the bathroom. I had blood ALL over my hands and face. I asked Jay to get me a towel. I really thought that I was going to spit out some teeth, thankfully all of my teeth are in tact. I did however take a good chunk out of my bottom lip with my bottom teeth. It took about 10 minutes for the blood to stop flowing, and for me to stop shaking. I told Jay to call my mom and dad and tell them that I more than likely would not be stopping by that afternoon. My mom got in the car a few minutes after we called and came to check on me. =) Everyone always likes to see their mommy when they are hurt or not feeling well. She said it made her feel better too, she thought that I was going to look a lot worse than I did. So I spent a lot of the next hour sitting on the couch with ice on my face.
Then the game started, I got Breanna dinner, she ate and went to bed shortly after, she is still trying to fight off her cold. The medicine that she is on makes her tired.
The game didn't end the way I wanted it to, Jay was pretty happy though. By the 3rd quarter Jay went to bed. JJ and I sat up and watched the end of the game and all the ceremonies after. Sad that my Bears couldn't pull out the win.
My lip and nose this morning are pretty swollen. Jay had the nerve to call me Bubba (form Forest Gump) this morning, because my lips are soo fat. It made me laugh though so it was ok. Hope you all had a better Super Bowl Sunday, than we had at our house.

Breanna is doing well. She is talking more and more everyday, it has changed from sometimes we know what she is talking about to most of the time we know what she is saying. She is getting to be a big girl now. She is soo inquisitive, she will follow you around and ask about everything. She is our little princess.

JJ is getting more interactive. He doesn't like to be by himself (it may have to due to never being more than 2 feet away from me since he was born). I tried to put him in his own room one night and that wasn't going to happen, he was asleep when I put him in there and 5 minutes later he was screaming at the top of his lungs. I let him be for a bit to see if he would stop. Finally I went in there and picked him up and he never even opened his eyes but he stopped crying and went to sleep. He smiles all the time, he has also started "talking" in his own way. He doesn't seem to babble as much as Breanna did, which is a good thing, we's never have a quiet minute if both of them talk as much as she does. He is holding his head steady most of the time. He likes to look around and hasn't quite figured out how to do that gracefully. He turns his head and his body tried to follow. My mom made the comment that he changes everytime she sees him. He is still able to wear all of the newborn size clothes that he has. He can wear some of the 0-3 month old clothes, he may still be trying to catch up (growth wise) from his pyloric stenosis, or we may just have another smaller baby. He is at this point long and thin. We are also in the process of putting him on formula. Since he had his surgery and he wasn't able to eat and I stayed in the hospital with him and wasn't able to pump but once every 10-12 hours. I haven't been able to keep up with his eating habbits. In order to increase the supply, I would have to pump every two hours. With being at work and taking care of Breanna, and JJ at home, I just don't have that much time. He seems to being doing ok on it so far, we are giving him about 50% of each. We will do this until we have cleared out our freezer of all the frozen milk.

JJ playing on his play mat. He loves to "talk" to the toys that hang down. He enjoys his play time.

Have I mentioned that Breanna likes shoes, she likes to get them all out and put them all on all the time. She is such a girl!! The funny thing is that she only takes off her right shoe and changes it. He left shoe never comes off!!

Breanna eating cake

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Nichole said...

oh my gosh are you ok!! The fall sounds horrible and scary! i had to gasp and put my mouth over my hand when i read that. You poor thing!Glad your mama came over to take care of you :) I LOVE Breanna with all her shoes! She is SOOO girly! thats adorable!!! I just love little kids little habits of things they like to do.