Tuesday, October 21, 2008

31 things.....

From 4 little men and girly twins....

1. Where is your cell phone? On my desk
2. Where is your significant other? At home, probably sleeping (didn’t get off work till 2am)
3. Your hair color? Brown, more and more gray by the day.
4. Your mother? At work too
5. Your father? At home
6. Your favorite thing? My babies
7. Your dream last night? My cat was in Italy, we were visiting and saw her. (strange I know)
8. Your dream/goal? To get through Tuesday
9. The room you're in? my office
10. Your hobby? Ummm when do I have time for a hobby
11. Your fear? Hmmm don’t know. My family would say someone breaking into a house I am in. 12. Where do you want to be in six years? Same place I am now
13. Where were you last night? at home
14. What you’re not? At home
15. One of your wish list items? Sleep (uninterrupted)
16. Where you grew up? Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, Missouri
17. The last thing you did? spaghetti
18. What are you wearing? blue
19. Your TV? Is at home. Recording something I am sure
20. Your pet? 2 dogs, 1 cat
21. Your computer? At home, still on some blog I am sure.
22. Your mood? TIRED, wanting to be at home sleeping, but enjoying talking to co-workers (some about fireplaces)
23. Missing someone? My sister, she is TOOOO far away.
24. Your car? Mini-van
25. Something you’re not wearing? Hmm don’t know. I don’t have a hat on, but hardly ever wear one.
26. Favorite store? Target
27. Your summer? Is over
28. Love someone? My family and friends
29. Your favorite color? blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? This morning (while listening to the fireplace drama)
31. Last time you cried? Maybe last weekend. I have started watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition again. Gets me every time!!

2 people showing some love:

Nichole said...

I know your hobby! Blogging! :)

Also, your dream sounds funny! Minds think the strangest things while we are sleeping.

4 Little Men and Twins said...

That was fun to read! Thanks for joining in. :)