Thursday, October 16, 2008

OU/Texas Game

As you know my Dad and I went to the OU/Texas game last weekend. We got up at (well I got up at 3) and went over to my parents house. We had let the kiddos spend the night there the night before so that they weren't wide awake at 3am. We were on the road by 4. It was dark most of the way. We stopped to get coffee, go the bathroom. Nothing too eventful.

We got into the State Fair park pretty easily (well let me tell you we compared the wait of getting in and out to that of the NASCAR races we have been to). Hopped onto the shuttle, and off we went.

We got to the Cotton Bowl area of the park, and tried to find ESPN game day. While we were making our way over there we happened to come across these girls. If you don't recognise them, they are the Texas Pom Squad. (this picture is old). My dad looked, and had a small conversation with himself "do you think I should take their picture?", "no", "yeah let go", "no". After a few seconds of debating with them we walked over and asked if he could take a picture with them. Mind you this is BEFORE the game, and my dad is decked out in his OU gear. They were very nice and I took his picture with the Texas Pom Squad. I will be posting that too, we just need to figure out how to get it off of his phone.

So then we made our way over to the Game Day area. We were a little early, but that was alright. We found a restroom, and (anyone who knows my Dad this is not a big surprise) then we had to find the sausage vendors. I had seen one on our way to the restrooms. It was a big tent with a TON of different choices. I had decided to have a German Fajita, Dad decided to try one too. It was a brat wrapped in a tortilla with all of the sauerkraut on the inside. It was pretty tasty! Then Game Day started, we were pretty far back in the crowd so we stayed for awhile, and then headed to our seats so that we could be there 1 hour before kick off.

We got into the stadium and found our seats. We had made it. We were all ready to watch the game. The stadium began to fill up. It was a completely different atmosphere than I have ever been in a game with. No only could you see the distinct separation of the crowd, you could feel the animosity in the air. One side of the stadium was yelling OU Sucks, the other side was shouting "Texas sucks". We settled in for the game.

As you can see all of my pictures were taken before the game started. There were some high points and some VERY low points in the game. I can say that I question some of the calls, and some of the calls that I thought should have been made, but what is done is done. Can't go back and change it, just have to deal with it.

The game ended, most of the OU side was empty before the game ended, we stayed till the end. Got our stuff together and headed to the car (with a pit stop for some sausage on a stick for Dad). After what seemed like forever, we found the tram, got to the car and got in the long line to get out of the State Fair Park.

We lost, that part was bad. I still had a great time I got to spend time with my Dad at an OU game like we use to do(pre-kids). That part was GREAT! Thanks for taking me, love you Daddy!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like CRAZINESS but Fun!! Glad you got to spend a great day with your dad!!!

DetJessandalltherest said...

Sausage in a tortilla! Sounds tast-ay.

There is nothing like a little father/daughter time together. I go to the book store with my dad...I dunno. Just what we do!

Glad you had fun - better luck next year with the whole winning thing.

Heather said...

I go to high school football games with my Dad every Friday night!! My kids and hubby go to home games, but it is just Dad and me on away games! It is so much fun to spend that time with him.

One day we will go to the TX/OU game. We will have to sit where they divide the fans as he will have his OU shirt on and I will have my TX shirt on!!!

Nichole said...

sounds like a special weekend with your dad, even though the longhorns took away the win.