Monday, October 27, 2008

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This weekend I did not let a screaming child stand and pound on the bathroom door while I took a shower. (her father was in the living room and he didn't stop her).

I did not let my kids eat an unusually large amount of strawberries, just because they wanted to.

I did not guilt my husband into going to the store to get diapers on Sunday morning, and he took a child with him.

I did not check Cjane this weekend 20 times for updates on C&S, and cry at this article. (after reading that article I did go hug my husband and kids a little longer than usual).

2 people showing some love:

Brittany said...

I am a totally guilty CJane checker as well!

Sam said...

And I did NOT like it when you wished me a happy birthday on my blog! ;)

Thank you, Amanda!