Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we took the kids to not one, but two pumpkin patches. The first one was the little pumpkin patch that they have in the town we live in. They had TONS of inflatables. The kids loved them. My parents and my dad's cousin Jimmy came over to see the kids. Dad and Jimmy went on a motorcycle ride afterwards. The kids ran wild they were running around looking at all of the different pumpkins. They also fell in love with the golf cart that was out there. They were sitting on it and pretending to drive it most of the time we were there.

Then we were off to Chester's. They had tons of things for the kids to do. We started off at the pony rides. Breanna HATED the ponies the first year we took her, the second she did a little better and this year she LOVED them. That is what she wanted to do as soon as she saw them. JJ on the other hand wanted to ride, then we put him on a pony, he screamed and wanted off. So he and I watched Breanna ride. Then he wanted back on the pony, so Jay put him back on, and he screamed again. So we gave up and left the pony are JJ cried when we left the pony rides. Maybe next year will be better for him.

Then we went into the barn and feed the animals. We fed the goats, lama's, and sheep. We went out and looked at the chickens, the cows, donkey's.

The kids went through the little maze that they had while we were waiting for the hay ride. They held hands while they went through it. They had a lot of fun.

Then the hay ride dropped us off at the big corn maze, we made our way through that and ended up at the big slide. Which was a big hit last year with Breanna, but not so much with JJ. This year JJ LOVED it. He went the first time with Jay and the rest of the time he went up and down by himself. He had a great time. You can see him a little below the top of the slide in the first picture. Breanna went down the slide and then found the HUGE sand pit that they had and she stayed there the rest of the time. The last picture is a picture of Jay and JJ going down the slide. They kind of crashed at the bottom.

We spent over 2 hours at Chrster's. Needless to say it was a long day of running for the kids, and they were worn out when we got home.

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Nichole said...

I love pumpkin patches!! They are so festive and fun!

Chester's looks amazing. There is so much there to do and see. I hope JJ has better luck with the pony riding next year.