Monday, January 15, 2007

Let it sleet, let it sleet, let it sleet............

Yes let it sleet. On Friday morning about 9am things in OKC changed. It got bitterly cold (it is 16 right now,Monday morning) and it started sleeting. The one good thing it was supose to be freezing rain, which would have more than likely pulled down all of our power lines. Sleet doesn't stick to trees and power lines like the freezing rain would have. It sleeted most of the day. My office closed down so I left about 10:30 to go and get the kids from daycare. The drive that usually takes me about 20 minutes took me an hour. So I got home about 12:30. We pretty much stayed inside all weekend. This morning we got up and headed out the door. The roads aren't cleared it doesn't even look like there is any salt, or sand on the roads. The kids are with Gamma and Grandad today. There is no school and I didn't have daycare so they are haing a good time over there. I took some pictures of the sleet……Coming up….Jay's birthday is Thurs, Melissa and Frank are coming on Thurs (yeah). We finally get to meet Frank (whom everyone else has already met). Grandma and Grandad are coming from Little Rock to meet Frank. I'll let you know if he passes the sister test next week. He has passed everyone elses test so far….put the sister test is a little different. =)

The highway Friday morning, leaving work

Sleet....kind of like big salt grains. Not really snow.

Outside our house sunday afternoon....kinda dark for 2pm

Memorial Road Monday morning

Outside my office...can you tell where the side walk, and parking lot are??

Mommy and my Breanna

Awake and ready for the world

It is soooo hard to wake up

Brushing our teeth after bath time

Bath time

A cup is her favorite toy

Fun with bath time

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Nichole said...

Burr! Stay warm over there! It is so strange to me that OKC, and Dallas and Lubbock and EP are all so cold and it has been steady here at about 45 degrees since we got here... Isn't it suppose to be colder here in the Noridic countries? lol..

Have a blast with your sis and mr. frank!

Anonymous said...

You be tough on that su=ister test...only the best for Melissa, OK?? Have fun and enjoythe's coming our way districts have already cancelled school tomorrow. So strange because it hasn't even started raining or snowing yet! :>)