Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What a day..

Well my day started out ok. I got the kids up and ready and got out the door and when I got to the van I pushed the button to open the door and the door wouldn't open. I walked around to the other side and got in the other door, and the lights on the inside didn't come on. So I though well maybe it is a fuse that isn't working. I got the kids to daycare and got to work and called my dad to see if that is what he thought that it was. Jay had to go to Woodward (about 2.5 hours away) for work yesterday so I was going to hav to fix what ever was wrong by myself. So my dad says that he has a little box of extra fuses and do I want him to come and see if it is a fuse and if he has one that would fix it. So he got to my office and we were out in the parking lot looking at all of the fuses, and all of the ones that he pulled out and looked at looked good. So he took the keys and got into the drivers seat and started the car. He tried to turn the doam lights on, and they didn't come on. Then my dad looks up and on the control panel on the roof of the van there are 4 buttons. He pushes one of them and the doam lights come on he pushes the one next to it and the van door opens. Now I looked at the buttons and one has a picture of a light bulb with an X though it the other has a picture of a van door with an X through it.

My mom said that the lesson learned is that kids suck your brains out. You slowly lose your mind when you have kids. I think she is right. =)

We have had a lot of talk about JJ lately, so to day it will be Breanna's turn. She is getting to be such a little person. If you ask her she can identify the following body parts, nose, eyes, mouth, hair, ear, arm, hand, leg, food, and her belly button. She talks all the time, and NEVER sits still. She has become a loving little baby too. She loves to walk up to you and give you kisses. She walks up to JJ and puts her head in his lap to love on him and then she will give him kisses. She loves to snuggle first thing in the morning (before she is fully awake, because once she is she is off and moving). She is also a very everything in it's place perons. If you have a cup out, even if you are drinking something out of it at that moment, as soon as you put it down she is grabbing it and taking it to the sink to put it in there. When I first put her toys into her new room she would carry them back across the house and put them in her old room. She loves going to daycare, although sometime she wants me to stay there with her. She loves playing with her friends. There is one little boy Noah whom she adores. She also just loves her Sara, we are soooo lucky to have her to watch our kids, she does such a good job.

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Nichole said...

LOL. I saw Julia Roberts talking to Oprah once saying that you brain literally stops working when you first have kids and that the only people who would understand what that means is parents. Sounds like you can relate!

Breanna is getting so big. I love hearing about her actions and personality.