Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So how was our anniversary you ask…………

Well as you read yesterday it started off with me breaking my toe. Yes it really is broken. It has turned a lovely shade of purple and is still really swollen. I have been wearing slippers or shoes since it happened. There is nothing worse than stubbing a broken toe. (just ask my mother that one).

Then my day at work went well. I kept busy all day and the day seemed to fly by.

At about 4:10 Jay called me and said that he was going to drive over to my work so that I could take him home because he had fallen on the ice at work and wasn't feeling well. I asked him where he was and he didn't know. He then he said that he didn't remember what happened. So I told him to find out where he was. He had to go and ask someone that was walking by what the cross streets were. Turned out he was at 122nd and Rockwell. Which for those of you that aren't in OKC is about 1/2 a mile from where my mom and dad live and an area Jay is very firmiliar with. I told him not to drive anywhere that I was coming to get him. The whole time I was driving to get him he kept asking me what happened. So I took him to the Mercy Emergency room. They got his vitals and asked a TON of questions a lot of which he couldn't remember. So they got us back to an atual room pretty quick and then had a nurse practitioner come in and ask a bunch more questions and then do some pyhsical tests on Jay. Then they rushed him up to have a CT scan done on his head. About a half hour later they brought him back down. The doctor looked at the CT scan and said that there was no swelling and no bleeding so all Jay had was a concussion and that he could go home. On a side note the doctor was the same doctor that saw JJ the night that we took him in there.

So we went home, stopping by my parents house to collect our children that they had so graciously gone and gotten from daycare for us. We had dinner and everyone went to bed. I got up several times to wake Jay up to check on him.

This morning Jay didn't remember much of the whole incident, even the ER. In the end we are all ok and healthy. Next year though we might stay at home on our anniversart… =)

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Nichole said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!I can't believe it has already been 2 years! It seems like just yesterday Michael and I trekked over to OKC for your big day. Time flies. I'm so sorry that you spent it doing not fun stuff though. I hope Jay is still doing ok. Sounds like a horrible head injury. scary!