Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pyloric Stenosis………….

Yep that is what it is called the thing that has been running our lives for the last few weeks….what is it you ask……Well it is the muscle at the bottom of your stomach that allows food to transfer from your stomach to your intestines. Little JJ’s decided that it was going to grow a little too big and not allow food to enter his intestines. This caused him to forcefully vomit everytime he ate.

We had been to the doctors office several times, to check for reflux, he got put on medicine for reflux, and a week after he had started the medicine I called back the doctor and said we needed to do something because his vomiting hadn’t gotten better, in fact it had gotten worse even with the medicine. We went in and my little baby had actually gone from 9lbs 7ozs the week before to 8lbs, 12ozs. The doctor scheduled an ultrasound and we had it done and found that he indeed had pyloric stenosis. So we were off to childrens hospital to have his operated on. We got there Thurs night and he had dropped to under 8lbs, and has quit peeing. The got an IV in him and started fluids. The next morning at 9am they did surgery to cut and fix that muscle. We left the hospital Sat afternoon about 4pm.

Here are a before and after picture of JJ. He is a happy, smiling talkative baby now. This morning he was up to 9lbs, 8ozs.

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Anonymous said...

I did a search for your blog and found it!! Yeah!
I was remembering have had another baby! Congratulations!! He is gorgeous and I hope the treatment will help his tummy!
Can I link your blog on mine so that I can get to it easily? I look forward to following your journey in blogland!
stephanie capshaw

Nichole said...

Your mom sent me an email right before I lost my internet for so long that JJ had the surgery and what was wrong with him and that it all went well. I'm so glad, what a scary thing to have to go through with a brand new baby!! Those pictures make so much difference, he seems so much more happy and full of life.