Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pretty, Pretty, Princess PJ's

Well got home last night and found a package in the mail with two little outfits for mt babies from my Grandparents. JJ will be able to wear his very shortly. It is an adorable blue outfit with polar bears on it and the tops is all about winter adventures. Breanna had some pink pants with princesses on them and a pink top that had a princess on it. She got to wear her pretty, pretty, princess PJ's to bed last night.

JJ has started to hold his head up all the time. He loves looking around at his surroundings....So a BIG THANKS!! goes out to Great Grandma and Great Grandad for the warm adorable PJ's.

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Nichole said...

I love warm pj's I bet when your kids are wearing them it is nice to snuggle up with them. They look so cute. :)