Monday, January 29, 2007

New house pictures

Happy Brithday (one day early) to my Daddy!! YEAH!!

We are all dealing with cold season now. Breanna JJ and I all have colds. I am calling the doctor about JJ this morning to see of there is something I can give him.

We went and signed the lease on our new house this weekend. I actually called mom and dad and had them come over and look at the house while we were doing all of the paperwork. They got to roam around and look at everything.

Other than that we are just hainvg a normal week.....

Last night Breanna woke up because of her cold and she started crying so I went and got her. We were snuggling on the couch, she woke up looked at me and smiled REALLY big put her little arms around my neck and gave me a hug. Then she started to run her fingers through my hair , like I do to her to get her calmed down and to go to sleep. Soooo sweet is my little baby girl. Those are the moments that make all the diapers, and late nights all worth it!!

Here are the pictures of our new house.....I'll post more when there is acutally stuff in the house. =)

Breanna's bedroom, the area in the back will be her play area in her room.

The back area of Breanna's bedroom. her play area.

JJ's bedroom which is actually the master, but with the expansion on the house is actually the smallest bedroom.

Kids bathroom

Our bathroom

Our bedroom, yes it is pretty big.

Our living room.

Our Dining Room - we are maybe going to use this as an area to put kids toys and have and area for them to play in. Also where we will have our Christmas tree next year!!

Our Kitchen

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Nichole said...

I love Breanna's room with the little play area!How fun for her! I really like the house alot too! you are going to have fun getting it all set up and make it home.

Hope you all get over your colds soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon!! It stinks to have 1 sick, but when the whole house gets it....