Thursday, July 24, 2008

1 Week of changes........

Well this week has been a one of changes for the kiddos. It may not sound like a lot, but to them it is HUGE.
They both got moved to the next older class at "school". Breanna moved up to the 3 year old class on Monday. She had to leave her best friend and partner in crime behind in the 2 year old class. Luckily for Breanna her best friend will be 3 by the end of August and will move to the same class. Breanna has asked me every day where M is, and she wants to go play with M. Other than that she seems to be adjusting to the new class pretty well. She has some friends in there that had been in her class and moved up earlier this year.
JJ got moved to the 2 year old room(even though he is not 2). He was the oldest kid in his room, and they thought that he would get a long better with the older kids. It has more structure and more older activities for him to participate in. I think he will enjoy it. He has visited this room before and is familiar with the other kids and his teacher.
One thing I have noticed a lot of lately is that A LOT of the older (maybe 8-12) seem to know JJ and run over to say goodbye to him when I come to pick him up.........we've got a lady's man already, he is charming the older girls.
I think the moves were more stressful on me than them.

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