Monday, November 03, 2008


The kids had a great time this Halloween. They are finally at the age, especially Breanna, where they get it. We had some visitors on Halloween night. My parents came over and brought with them some friends from EP. We loved getting to see Kenny and Weezer, the kids loved on them too!

Here are some pictures from our day...
The Halloween bags

Halloween cookies from school

The front porch with all of our pumpkins from all of the pumpkin patches

Some more Halloween decor...

Halloween crafts made by Breanna, her witch hat, scarecrow, and mask.

The "loot" from school.

More of the loot from school.....thankfully there was hardly any candy.

Breanna in her princess costume
JJ as a pirate

Eating some pretzels and fruit snacks after trick-or-treating. Mommy didn't let them eat any candy.

Happy kiddos (they were happy with pretzels and fruit snacks)

Getting ready to end the evening.

Halloween ended with some Scooby-Doo, with Breanna's "scary ghost" keeping watch!!

We couldn't get Breanna to take off her Halloween costume, she wore it most of the weekend. Finally on Sunday she said I could wash it. We did manage to get it off of her to go out of the house, but if we were home she was wearing her princess costume.

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DetJessandalltherest said...

Cute-y cuteness up in there! Love it. Love it. Can you blame a girl for wanting to stay a princess day after day? I think not.

And I can see they are making jess proud with the abstract artistic hats from school. - of course, the light up ghost pic is my fave :)

Next year you better let them have a littttllle candy, woman! It is Halloween for godsakes. (this coming form the girl with no child experience to speak of...probably be eating my words one day)

Anonymous said...

Cutie patooties!! Glad you all had fun and that my dad and weezer finally got to meet those precious kiddos. I was so jealous!!!
Maya was TERRIFIED of Halloween and some of the really scary costumes we saw, even on little bitty kids. Sad! She kept asking to go home, so we did, very early. Sigh. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was just talking to Weezer and had the thought that we should all plan a trip to meet up somewhere- everybody- your parents, my parents, us, the kids, and any of our siblings that want and can meet up to. How much fun would that be?? The adults (well, let's face it- our parents!) would have to behave to some extent, but we could do some fun kid/family stuff, meet each other and have a blast. I think that would be super fun!! What do you think?

Nichole said...

they are so adorable! I'm so glad Kenny and "Weezer" (he he, what a cute name for her) got to come and hang out in OKC. I am sure I'll be seeing Kenny on Thurs. at the CHS/FHS game in EP!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...