Saturday, November 01, 2008

Just for Nichole and Michael.........

Had to show some love since Nichole and Michael will be actually be up at 1am (remember they are on the other side of the ocean) to watch the game LIVE. Hope it is a good one!!!! Told you I would be a fan-for-a-day!!

PS....had breakfast with the Capshaws, and my parents this morning it was GREAT. Dad and Kenny are going to the OU game tonight.  

4 people showing some love:

Nichole said...

Thanks for your OU love for the day!! I am still sooooo pumped about the game last night! WOW, such a great great great game!!!

OU had a great game too destorying those cornhuskers!

DetJessandalltherest said...

LUUUUVING the new layout...I'm sensing some blog talk tomorrow morning :) I gotta change mine too, blogmast-ah!

AND you changed your comment tag line - too cute. too cute!

I'm patiently waiting for Halloween picture.

Michael said...

GO TECH!!!!!!
Totally worth staying up till 5am!!!

Anonymous said...

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