Monday, November 10, 2008

Smoked Glazed Ham......yummy!!

It started with this. The smoker. I have been asking Jay to smoke a ham for while. This weekend he cooked a rack of ribs and a beer-butt chicken (yes people in Oklahoma stick a can of beer in a chicken's rear sometimes when they cook them). They were great, but I still wanted my ham. So Sunday he decided to finally do it. This is the ham all wrapped up in the smoker. It smoked for about 10 hours at a very low 175 degrees. Then it was time for the glaze.

A little liquid smoke, some worcestershire sauce, honey, and brown sugar, and a cup of the dripping out of the pan the ham was cooking in.
The end is VERY yummy. We didn't get to eat it last night, due to the fact that it wasn't done until VERY late (about 10pm). I sneaked a taste this morning and it is GREAT!! I think we all might be eating it for awhile, it is an 8 lb ham!!

This morning went to work, got a call about an hour later that Breanna was sick......ugghh. Will it ever end.

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DetJessandalltherest said...

Amanda Brinsfield! you are making me hungry.

Looks so good. - and you know how i feel about eating little piggies.

Nichole said...