Sunday, November 16, 2008

Next Weekend.....

Next weekend is a BIG weekend for my sister, her boyfriend, and my grandparents are coming to town for an early Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving will happen on Sunday. It will be GREAT, holidays always are. Family, food, drinks.....that is all we need. 

There is something else happening next week, something that could make the weekend a phenomenal, OU plays Texas Tech. We have friends that have graduated from Texas Tech (Nichole and Michael) we also have friends still attending TT (Vance). I have even rooted for TT this season but that all comes to an end this weekend. It will be BOOMER SOONER all day Saturday. 
No matter the outcome (hear that Dad, no matter the outcome) we will have a GREAT weekend. My small little family will all be together. 

Another big thing this week, JJ will be 2, my youngest child, my baby, my sweet little boy will be two. ugghhh (anyone know how to make them stop getting older).

I called my parents tonight and talked to my dad he told me about tickets to the OU/TT game on Ebay.......Really who has the money to buy these tickets. It will be a GREAT, maybe epic game, but 1000.00 for tickets, really. 

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Nichole said...

oooo!! I am so thrilled your sis and Frank will be visiting!! I wanna see lots of pictures!!

We are sooo nervous for the TTU/OU game! OU (as you know) is such an incredible team and playing in Norman is going to be a hell of a challenge. It is going to be a great game whatever the outcome. Two amazing teams battling it out for a HUGE outcome. We will be watching here at 2AM. YIKES thats late.

JJ 2 already? wow.